7 Reasons to keep your BBQ clean.


Reason 1: Remove Harmful Carcinogens

Did you know that carcinogenic residue can build up on your grill over time, even if you do scrape it off after you cook on your grill? The chemicals in this carcinogenic residue can transfer over to your food whenever you use your grill.

There is always a carcinogen risk when you grill your food. And you can take various measures to reduce these risks: marinating your meat, using lean meats, avoiding processed meats, eating more vegetables, avoid grilling until your meat is black, keeping the flames at bay, and cutting back on how much time you spend grilling. Grill cleaning is another way to remove harmful carcinogens from your meat, and an effective one at that.


Reason 2: Avoid Illness

You don’t want you or your guests to get sick after eating food grilled on you grill, do you? Dirty BBQ grills can accumulate disease-causing bacteria and viruses, and the dirtier your grill is the more likely these bacteria and viruses can develop. So clean your BBQ grills regularly to avoid diseases and infections, and your guests will be happy.


Reason 3: Prevent Future Corrosion

You don’t want to be cooking on a corroded grill, do you? Regular grill cleaning and grill maintenance will prevent the chemical reactions that can cause your grill to corrode. In other words, keeping your BBQ grills clean will have them looking nice and shiny.


Reason 4: Help Extend the Life of BBQ Grills

How long do you want your grill to last? It won’t last long at all if you don’t regularly keep it clean. Cleaning your grill will remove rust, sauces, oils, food pieces etc., and will allow you to cook on your grill for longer. That way your grill will function smoothly, and all components of your grill – burners, gas tubes, components – will last longer.


Reason 5: Less Replacement Parts and Repairs Down the Line

BBQ Grills can become expensive to repair if they’re neglected for a long period of time. Why not jump out in front of this expensive repair and protect your valuable investment? Regular grill cleaning and grill maintenance will keep your grill in top condition, and the more often you clean your grill, the less you’ll have to spend on parts and repairs in the future. Plus, if you’re having company, nobody wants to eat food off a dirty grill–with a clean grill you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.


Reason 6: Enjoy More Delicious Food

Of course, the most important thing – you always want to grill food that turns out to be delicious, right?  If you grill has food remains, sauce residue, oils, greases, etc., this is going to get into your food. And naturally this is going to affect the taste of your food. You don’t want your food to taste like last week’s BBQ sauce. So clean your BBQ grills regularly for food that is clean and tastes delicious.


Reason 7: Promote a Safer Cooking Environment

Finally, a clean grill will promote a safer cooking environment for you, your family, and your guests. No carcinogens, no illness, and great tasting food that will make your guests want to come back again. Clean BBQ grills will look one hundred times better, and will have less flare ups that can make cooking food harder. Remember, the longer you leave your grill the harder it is to clean, so if you want to create a safer working environment, it’s best to clean your grill regularly to keep it clean and shiny.