Did you know that not cleaning your BBQ grill will create an unsafe environment for you and your guests? This is because a dirty grill will increase the risk of harmful carcinogens and illness. On the other hand, a regular grill cleaning and maintenance schedule will make BBQ grills last longer and be worth more money if you ever want to sell them. Most importantly, a cleaner grill will result in more delicious food that you, your family, and your guests can enjoy.

Here are 7 reasons to keep your BBQ grills clean.


Power Clean

All service levels come with a Power Clean to start. We'll power clean cooking grates, briquette trays, heating plates, warming racks & briquette burners.


All service levels include thorough vacuum cleaning of crawl space, fire box & drip pans. 

Degrease & Sanitize

A Full Cleaning also includes degreasing and sanitizing the grill body, hood, drip pan, firebox, individual briquettes, control knobs, shelf and face-plate.

Full Inspection

Full Cleaning also includes a thorough inspection for evidence of rodents, gas lines, pressure regulator, valve gaskets and gas leaks. 


All service levels include polishing the Fire box, hood, rotisserie component's, control knobs, shelf and face plate.

Replacement Parts

BBQ Restoration or of at any level of service we can replace any part you need including ignition systems, pressure regulators, gas lines, shut off and control valves, gaskets and interior or exterior lighting. 

Tune Up

All service levels include a Tune Up after cleaning. We'll adjust the igniter, lube the control valves, check the integrity of the presser regulator, drill the holes in the burners for even heat, replace the ignition battery, tighten the hood handle bolts, adjust the air shutters on the burners to optimal gap, clean spider webs from the gas orifices and flash tubs, inspect the gas fittings under the grill and look for evidence of rodent infestation.